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Question: Discuss about the Pharmaceutical Sales Promotion and Prescribing. Answer: Introduction: Sales representatives are those that knows the value of the company and its brand name that is to be presented in front of the consumers. They are the one that generate demand for the company by selling their products to the customers. They are the one that work together with the customers to create the product they want and carries out smooth sales process. They are the person fo the company that helps create new sales lead for the business with the permission of the directors. Sales representative has the duty of carrying both inside sales where in customers visit the store and outside sale where they have to visit the customers. Thus, they are the one that generate the revenue for the business and customer retention. However, hiring a sales representative is not an easy task as it involves a lot of screening of quality, skills and abilities. It is evident that the turnover costs of a sales person is $150,000 on an average. A sales person should have the following quality, qualific ation and skills to be a successful sales person (Mintzes, et al., 2013). Johnson and Johnson family of Companies is a company in Melbourne selling medical devices and products for the care of the patients. The aim of the business is to improve the condition of the patients. Thus, the company is offering a chance of becoming a healthcare sale person in JJ Company and have a great career ahead (Au.indeed, 2017). The sales representative will join the sales team working in Victoria as one of the special sales person working both for the central and the western regions. The new hire will be responsible for carrying out effective sales in the region through its efficient marketing and planning capabilities. The person is also responsible in making long term relationship with the customers such as the healthcare units, patients and help in increasing sales for some of our new products such as eye care products, lenses and others. Should be keen to undertake risk of losing sale at some point of time (Rutherford, Marshall Park, 2014). Being a sales person requires a lot of dedication and skills by the person. Some of the skills required for getting hired in the company as sales person are: Excellent skill in customer service by keeping in mind that customers are special and their requirements and needs are always right. Excellent communication skills to communicate with the customers effectively and help them learn about the usage of the product. Should be ready to work for long hours at a stretch. Persistence is the next important skill as the person should understand that not all days are the same. Committed to take care of the patients need on time. Should be ready to work in diverse environment by visiting various healthcare units (Khan, et al., 2016). Along with the skills there are some basic qualifications that is required by the person that is being hired as a sales person of the company. Bachelors Degree in any science subject would be advantageous Degree in strategic business planning Familiar with the long-term cycle of sales Have a background knowledge about retailing and sales A competitive salary package will be offered to the new hire. The salary may vary from candidate to candidate depending on their experience in sales and retail field. Salary will be best in the industry even to the fresher. Interview will be conducted through phone and selected candidates will be called for further rounds. This will be like a screening round where the final candidates will be selected. Further round will be an interview which will be in person with the candidate. It will challenge the candidate on certain grounds to ensure that they are best suited for the role. There will be further Extempore round in which candidates will be asked to speak about any on stop topic. This will judge their communication skills that is one of the important factor in any sales person. Finally selected candidates will go further for HR round and managerial round. Have the chance of becoming a sales manager in future with their ability and performance over a period of at least 2years. The candidate will also get a chance to become an Account Executive or a Sales Director which are the leadership roles. However, it requires dedication and hardwork as a sales person. We are thriving to give you the uniqueness of the job, diverse culture to the employees and the chance to get a proud career growth in future. The person will get the exposure to show their innovations and skills in product selling with full training and continuous development (Johnston Marshall, 2016). 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The moderating effects of gender and inside versus outside sales role in multifaceted job satisfaction.Journal of Business Research,67(9), 1850-1856.

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