Thursday, November 21, 2019

Creativity in the workplace Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Creativity in the workplace - Article Example eative individuals by influencing creative individuals intrinsically or extrinsically and the best way to influence them is to provide work that is challenging. She further states that managers need to allow creative subordinates to work on tasks in their own way and should provide them with complete support through resources and should be flexible when failures take place. She further adds that in an organization there are both creative as well as commercial employees and the commercial ones deal with the monetary side of the organization which the creative side is not concerned about. But instead of hiding the creative side from the monetary side, the creative side and the monetary side should meet each other for discussions on expectations and targets. She further adds that continuous work may make the creative workers weak and bore so enough time should be provided to them for other activities to keep their creative cells working and this may not be productive in the short run, b ut will be productive in the longer run. Managers need to manage creativity within their workplace and ensure that creative thinking and creative work takes place continuously within the organization as it is one of the most significant components of the organization. Before motivating creative thinking, managers need to provide a guideline regarding what the organization expects the employees to achieve. This will help employees think about different ways to achieve them. Individuals work hard when the task given to them is of higher significance, thus managers need to provide employees with such tasks to tap into creative minds. If they are not assigned significant tasks, employees will perceive that managers do not trust their decision making and will become de-motivated. Creativity is a process where trial and error takes place continually. If subordinates are not aware of the monetary limitations, they will continue to experiment and this can lead to heavy losses for the

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